Physics with Robotics
An NXT and RCX Activity Guide
For Secondary and College Physics

William Church, Tony Ford, Natasha Perova

Published by College House Enterprises, LLC

This website has been created by the authors to support the book.

You can download custom front panels developed for certain activities in the book by going to
Front Panels Library.  These front panels are currently only available to ROBOLAB users.

This fall (2009), we will upload resources for MINDSTORMS 2.0, ROBOLAB, and Vernier Logger PRO.  When LabVIEW for High School is released, we will provide resources for this platform as well.  Fall, 2009 update: LabVIEW for High School has been renamed to LabVIEW Education Edition.
Questions?  Comments?  Email: info@physicswithrobotics.com

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